SEO for B2B SaaS - Product Comparison Pages

May 2, 2020

One way you can get more organic traffic for your SaaS business is by creating product comparison pages.

You want to create landing pages for YOUR PRODUCT vs. COMPETING PRODUCT in order to get the attention of leads in the research phase.

This strategy starts working best when you have some customers and a semblence of product market fit.

Why should you use this strategy

SEO will gets you free organic search hits over time (after the initial investment).

People searching for product comparisons tend to have more buying intent than people reading random articles on your blog.

What to include?

A method you can use for figuring out what to put on these pages is talking to your customers and using their questions to create a mini FAQ.

Answer questions like:

You can often include a feature comparison grid that shows what you offer that your competitors don't.

Each landing page should be tailored specifically to the audience and users of your competitor.

You might know that COMPETITOR A is bad at supporting smaller businesses so you can tailor your copy to that.

Or COMPETITOR B might not support mobile devices but you do.

Highlight those important differences.


Email Marketing Services

Drip wrote a page to compare its service to ConvertKit.

It's the top hit for drip vs convertkit on Google.


Drip takes the position of highlighting nine core features and workflows that each service addresses.

In the conclusion section at the bottom, they highlight when ConvertKit might be a better for for the reader:

If you’re looking for a basic email marketing platform without too many bells and whistles, then ConvertKit might be your jam.

and when Drip is better fit for the reader:

If you’re looking for a platform with more advanced features that will help take your business to the next level, then Drip is your go-to.

ConvertKit has a page on migrating from Drip.

It includes a feature comparison grid of both services:

ConvertKit vs. Drip Features

Continuous Integration Services

CircleCI's comparison page explains how their product is better than TravisCI in certain ways:

CircleCI vs TravisCI

Here are links to the examples I covered and some more resources if you're looking for inspiration: